We do the work.  You get the credit.

Whether you have a no experience with software or over a decade writing code, our plug-n-play solutions will add revenue to your business without extra overhead.


Mobile App Development


Web App Development


Technical Staffing


Project Management

Quality Assurance


Relationship Management

Your Brand

Branded Emails

[email protected]

"Hi, I'm the project manager for YourBrand."

Your Client, Your Relationship

Own the contracts between you and your client. We’re here to help you deliver your commitments.

Our Expertise

Software Development


Pricing & Negotiation


Finance & Accounting

Project Management

On demand  vetted talent.

Never be understaffed or under quality again.

Customer Relationship Manager

Software Developer

UI / UX Designer

Incredible Savings.  
No hidden fees.

Fixed pricing so you can add a generous markup on top of our services. Make money on the margins.

All the benefits and flexibility of our staffing model.

Scale your agency today.

Start or scale your agency with whitelabeled software development as a service. Now you can have Los Angeles’ #1 software development company on your team.


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