Top talent, vetted by the best.

We know a thing or two about building great software. Our engineers go through a rigorous vetting and onboarding process to ensure top quality.

We review hundreds of resumes per single interview, and candidates go through multiple rounds of technical interviews before being hired.

An agency to support you.

We provide office space, benefits, insurance and more so you don’t have to.

Our project managers ensure they show up every single day to the office, track their hours, and provide an extra point of contact to ensure you get what you pay for.

When your developer is confused on implementation, they’ll have over a dozen senior engineers in the same room to help them solve their problems. When you get one developer from us, you really get a team.

Incredible savings. No hidden fees.

No setup fees. No placement fees. No termination fees.

No more worrying about withholding taxes or employment issues.

Our rates are well below market rate, and our developer talent is well above industry norm.

Pay as you go. Cancel anytime.

No quarterly or yearly commitments (though we offer discounts if you do). Pay for the labor as needed, whether one month, one year, or indefinite.

Add more developers to help fulfill on outstanding tasks. Downsize when you’re running low on cash.

You won’t find any agency or independent developer as flexible as this.

Stop hiring bad talent.
It's time to work with the best.

Why spend months looking for the right developer when we’ve done the work for you to find the top 1%?


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